Helen Robinson

★ Mortgage lending can leave you feeling Confused, Frustrated, and Misinformed When It Comes To The Home Buying and Refinancing Process – especially through the contemplation of completing a divorce proceeding.

As an Award-Winning Texas Home Loan Officer, some questions potential clients and referral partners often ask me are:

❏ How Quickly Can You Help Me Go From Getting Pre-Approved To Closing?

❏ How Can I Make The Most Of The Approval Process And Get The Best Rates Possible If I’m Self-Employed?

❏ What’s The Difference Between Working With You As Opposed To Online Providers Like Quicken Loans Or Big Banks?

★ What I Do:

I know how complicated the home process can get, especially if you are going through a divorce. That’s why I go above and beyond to make the home buying process fast and easy for my clients and pride myself on world-class communication and “freaky fast” closings. Some of my specialties include:

✔ Providing A Customized Approach Tailored To Each Client’s Individual Needs
✔ Reviewing Often Complicated Self-Employed Tax Returns To Get Business Owners Their Best Option
✔ Educating And Consulting First Time Home Buyers , Professionals Relocating To Texas Along With Professionals Interested In Investing

In Texas Real Estate

★ Why I Do It:

I went from competing in a Math competition league (Not nerdy at all, I know) to becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer. Since then I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of Business Owners and Professionals and to even survive and thrive in the industry after the ’08 recession. My passion lies in consulting my clients and serving as their trusted adviser throughout the home loan process.

To learn more about qualifying for the home you’re looking for, visit www.AustinMortgageSource.com

I’m also looking for a few more strategic partners to add to my referral network. If this sounds like you, and even if you have clients who have been declined by other lenders, please send me a message or email Helen.Robinson@snmc.com

I have extensive experience working with individuals have gone through a divorce as well as my own first hand experience.

NMLS # 210566
CO NMLS # 3116

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