Christine Henry Andresen

Christine Henry Andresen is the Managing Attorney at CHA Law Group in Austin, Texas. She represents clients in divorce and child custody (SAPCR), litigation, and she also is trained in collaborative divorce. While Christine has a niche in helping LGBTQ+ clients through divorces and other legal issues, she helps straight people get divorced, too!

CHA Law Group also has two associate attorneys, Matthew Carneal and Will Shindler, whose practices focus on divorce and custody (SAPCR) cases,

Christine helps people make babies! She represents adoption and assisted reproductive technology (ART) clients. She also does wills and estate planning.

At CHA Law Group, we are primarily a peaceful people. When there’s a choice between a fight and a negotiation, we’re always going to prefer collaborative decision-making to get results for our clients. That said, not every case can settle, and if you have a contested divorce or need to battle CPS, we will be your staunchest advocates to stand up for your rights.