Dan Hickox

LegalShield has operated since 1972, hiring the top-rated law firms covering every state and province with one mission:  to ensure EVERYONE in North America has the liberty and justice he/she deserves and expects. We do that by making the legal system affordable, accessible, and easy to use. In every state and province, YOU are the Number #1 client of your law firm, and most services have NO charge above your low monthly membership fee:

  •  Just tap the app, call your law firm, and get advice on an UNLIMITED number of personal or business issues.
  •  A membership entitles you to a free will, a healthcare power of attorney, an advanced directive, and a HIPAA release. 
  • We can provide legal support for an uncontested divorce at no fee (if you have been a member for 90 days), or if a contested divorce, our law firm can find the attorney you need, and he/she will offer you at least a 25-percent preferred member discount.
  • We also fight all traffic tickets to keep points off your driving record, and we’ll review contracts and other legal documents. 

Our ID protection plan not only provides advice on how to improve credit scores, we’ll monitor anything associated with your good name, and we’ll do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity to its pre-theft status. If an anomaly is found, you’ll be sent a text immediately; if you find an anomaly, tap your 24/7 app to reach the licensed investigator who will open a case immediately.  With our 3-bureau reporting plan, you also have a $1 million insurance plan to make whole any loss incurred due to identity theft.