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Bruce Wallace

Westlake Mediation provides mediation and alternative dispute resolution services for personal and business circumstances. We are experienced, neutral and effective whether we’re working with a divorcing couple, business partners who need to go their separate ways; or, an individual who has a dispute with a business. At Westlake Mediation we encourage a relaxed approach in an effort to encourage open dialogue and creative solutions. We’ve learned that mediation is particularly useful when the parties know they will need to maintain an ongoing relationship. To learn more about Bruce Wallace and Westlake Mediation’s services, please visit our website at www.westlake-mediation.com.

Through Westlake Mediation, Bruce Wallace offers a unique skill set in order to help disputants resolve their differences. Before starting Westlake Mediation, Mr. Wallace had over 30 years of professional experience in the financial services industry. His last position was Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for a large life insurance company. Before that, as a Senior Vice President with ING, Mr. Wallace helped prepare ING U.S. for their IPO to Voya in 2013. Mr. Wallace’s C-Suite experience allows him to understand and energetically sift through the complications of business disputes.

When it comes to personal disputes, Mr. Wallace has been there and done that. Having experienced divorce and a custody battle, he is extremely empathetic and patient when working with couples. By combining his professional acumen with his personal experience, Mr. Wallace is known for being patiently creative in resolving disputes.

Mr. Wallace received his Mediation Certification from the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at The University of Texas School of Law. Mr. Wallace received his Bachelors Degree from Baylor University and his CLU from the American College.

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