Kim West

Kim West (JD, MBA) is a consultant and coach, possessing a dynamic background in both business and law. She founded her business, Navigating the Knot, in 2017 to serve as a resource to those approaching, going through, or coming out of the divorce process.

Kim offers her one-on-one coaching services nationwide (in addition to online courses, ebooks and a popular blog), and provides her clients with the clarity and guidance they need to navigate the divorce process in a way that aligns with their goals.

She chose to leave the corporate world in 2017 to pursue what she feels is her mission in life — to provide guidance and support to those going through and coming out of the divorce process. Having gotten married and divorced in her 20s, despite having a law degree, she was astounded by how much she did not know going into her own divorce process. Further, she found that there were very few tools and resources available, particularly to younger people navigating divorce. She started Navigating the Knot as a platform from which to effect change in this area. She became the coach that she desperately needed during that difficult period of her life because she feels that no one should have to go through it alone.

As a certified coach with a law degree who specializes in divorce (and having been divorced herself), Kim brings a unique skill set to the table in being able to:

  • assess each of her clients’ situations and issue-spot (because everyone’s circumstances are unique),
  • let her clients know what their options are in moving forward,
  • connect them with the resources they (and their children, if applicable) need to best get through their divorce/period of transition,
  • establish a locus of control in her clients’ lives when things are otherwise chaotic, and
  • provide tools and exercises to help her clients move forward and re-establish their own lives and identities, independent from their relationships with their ex’s.

Her favorite part of her job is helping people get to a place where they are absolutely thriving post-divorce.